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Winchester Expedition Big Game Adds New Chamberings

Continuing with the goal of making ammunition selection simpler for hunters, Winchester rolled out Expedition Big Game last year to much fanfare.

From elk, moose and mule deer in North America to kudu, eland and Cape buffalo in Africa, the ammunition line is built for use on the toughest hunts around the world and was introduced in a range of popular big-game calibers. That range of calibers will expand in 2017 with the introduction of six new additions built specifically for long-range accuracy, trajectory and terminal performance.

Winchester Expedition Big Game Adds New Chamberings

The knockdown power of Expedition Big Game Long Range is centered around Accubond LR bullet technology. It features a polymer tip and bonded alloy lead core, which resists deformation and promotes better expansion upon impact. The tip, along with the long taper of the bullet, also improves long-range accuracy by minimizing drag and improving the ballistic coefficient. Upon impact, the Accubond LR bullet delivers controlled expansion and deep penetration for maximum energy transfer. The lineup also features nickel-plated shell cases to go along with the Nosler bullet technology. Expedition Big Game Long Range comes 20 rounds to a box.

Expedition Big Game Long Range is the ideal ammunition for hunting big game around the world. It delivers a high ballistic coefficient for flat-shooting, pin-point accuracy at long ranges and devastating performance due to deep penetration from the bonded-bullet construction.

The new long-range calibers include a 190-grain 300 Win. Mag., a 190-grain 300 WSM, a 190-grain 30-06 SPRG, a 168-grain 7mm Rem. Mag., a 150-grain 270 Win. and 142-grain 6.5 Creedmoor, a caliber quickly growing in popularity for a variety of game animals.

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