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Winchester’s New Subsonic Loads

Shooting suppressed is one of the fastest growing trends in recreational shooting. Legal for private ownership in 42 states—and many of them permitting some types of hunting with them as well—suppressors, commonly referred to as silencers, are regulated by the Federal government, but with a little paperwork, are easily obtainable.

In fact, every year at SHOT Show, the largest tradeshow in the shooting and hunting industry, there have been more companies introducing new suppressors. To meet the needs of today’s suppressed shooter, Winchester, always on the cutting edge of shooting developments, has introduced new ammunition designed for suppressed shooting enthusiasts looking for heavy-for-caliber projectiles to maximize performance from their firearms while minimizing sound.

Winchester’s New Subsonic Loads

Winchester’s Super X line of ammunition is known for delivering the ideal balance between high performance and superior value to America’s hunters and recreational shooters. New for 2017, the line is introducing 308 Win. and 300 BLK centerfire offerings designed for improved terminal performance at subsonic velocities. They have also added a radical bullet profile for enhanced expansion upon impact.

Small game hunters, varminters and suppressed firearm fans are hitting the jackpot with several great new loads to work with in 2017 as well. Winchester Ammunition introduces a 22 Win. Mag. Subsonic round to the Super X lineup. The 22 Win. Mag. Subsonic reduced-noise round is made expressly for use in suppressed firearms for the ultimate in low-noise performance, but will also produce less audible sound when fired through standard 22 Win. Mag. firearms. It also makes a great hunting round. This is a perfect round for squirrels and varmints where repeat shooting opportunities are enhanced by minimizing sound—both when fired suppressed or unsuppressed—and keeping game from spooking, allowing critters to return to their normal routines more quickly following shots fired.

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